About Us

Colorista Hair and Beauty in East Doncaster is an intimate, friendly caring beauty salon meeting all our clients needs. When we established ourselves we were a hair salon providing chemical free or minimised chemical products to ensure our clients received and continue to receive hair treatments that are safe. Today Colorista Hair and Beauty has added to this pledge to provide more services by introducting a range of beauty treatments which are vegan, chemical free, organic, and cruelty free.

In today's very chemical-dependent world, Colorista Hair and Beauty do our own research to ensure that the amount of chemicals used are minimised, yet, still bringing the best results you're aiming for. Colorista Hair and Beauty guarantees client satisfaction with our professional hairdressers, and high quality products. We have many skin and body products that are certified organic at the highest international level. Only Colorista Hair and Beauty, cares for you this much apart from your family!

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